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Excellence in Oral & Written Communication

I expressed expertise in oral communication skills while taking the courses COM 350. We often worked in small group in order to complete assignments. We had to converse points of focus for each member and worked simultaneously towards completion of assignments. We often conducted case studies on our own and had to articulate information and turn it in for graded I consistently did well with these assignments.

Develop and maintain healthy personal and/or professional relationships

I must retain relationships with my coaches in order to develop a healthy environment in order for the team to operate, there must be understanding within the player coach relationship. This relationship is retained by retaining information taught by the coaches and utilizing the assistant coaches to learn the details of the playbook. Coaches meet with players as often as 5 days a week most times of the year. Displaying that you are a help to the team and of the right mindset is essential to the success of the team.

Communicate, reflect, and engage in a complex, diverse society.

I am known to posses good communication skills and can work well with others in a works space. I have worked various groups of people and people of all backgrounds within football, both as a player a coach. I can always find a way to connect with people. In class I often would do assignments where I exercised these skills. I demonstrated this best in Human Communication Research. We often conducted speeches to display such skills.  

Engage in civic life and/or organizations as leaders or effective team members

I have demonstrated great leadership when working with my football team I lead by example and help others achieve goals helping the common goal of winning. When called upon I answered questions quick and with confidence and when presented the opportunity I did just so

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